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Mr. Perfect Wash


Starts @ $225

Service Duration:

90 Mins +

Service Includes:

• Premium Wash Service
• Interior Shampoo & Stain Removal
• Quick Detailer Paint Protection
• Pet Hair & Lint Removal
• UV Protection (Optional)
• Tire Dressing (Optional)

Service Description:

Introducing our signature package, the Mr. Perfect Wash, where we've taken car detailing to a whole new level. We understand that your car is an extension of yourself, and we're here to make sure it radiates that Mr. Perfect aura on every drive.

With the Mr. Perfect Wash, your car will receive the full royal treatment, starting with our Premium Wash Package to refresh the exterior and bring out its natural luster. But we don't stop there – we'll dive into the interior to perform a deep shampoo and stain removal, banishing even the most stubborn dirt and spills.

To protect and preserve your car's stunning shine, our quick detailer paint protection will work wonders, ensuring your car looks showroom-ready every day. And if you have furry friends who love to ride along, fear not – our pet hair and lint removal service will leave your car looking immaculate.

For those who crave ultimate protection against the elements, we offer optional UV protection, guarding your interior against fading and cracking. And to top it off, choose our optional tire dressing to give your wheels that glossy, magazine-worthy finish.

The Mr. Perfect Wash is all about delivering perfection, and our team of car enthusiasts is dedicated to ensuring your car looks its absolute best. Book now and embrace the Mr. Perfect experience – a touch of perfection for your four-wheeled pride and joy! As always, please review our terms of service for important details, and let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Look at what I'm gonna do to your car...


For a limited time we're offering a FREE DETAIL to every 10th customer that schedules an appointment!

$125 Value

Vehicle Size Chart

This is our handy dandy vehicle sizing chart. You can reference this chart before booking to let us know how big you think your car might be. This information is helpful because our target time for cleaning cars is around 90 minutes, keeps us on schedule.


These are REGULAR sized vehicles and need a REGULAR amount of time to clean, about 90 minutes.

  • Micro

  • Coupe

  • Sedan

  • CUV

  • Off Road

  • Pickup Truck


These are LARGE sized vehicles and need more time to clean. They have more seats, more carpets, more surfaces to work on.

  • Station Wagon

  • Minivan

  • SUV

  • Heavy Duty Pickup Truck

  • 3rd Row Vehicles


These are EXTRA LARGE sized vehicles and they need a whole bunch of time, require more soap to wash, extra water to rinse, and special tools in order to clean them appropriately.

  • Limo

  • Campervan

  • RVs

  • Trailer Trucks 

If you have any questions about the size of your vehicle, please visit our contact page.

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